Spiro SSAR

SSAR – Sealed Self Aligning Rotary-Linear Bearing

SPIRO type SSAR, SAR & SA bearings are self-aligning. This feature is an asset when housing misalignment is inherent in the customer’s design. These bearings are made to specification and are of particular interest to designers of special-purpose machinery.

The SPIRO principle allows an exceptionally wide combination of rotary and axial movement. The emphasis may be on high rotary speeds coupled with small amounts of linear movement or on slow, intermittent or oscillating rotary movement coupled with extended or rapid linear movement.

When extremely low coefficients of friction are demanded, the slow continual rotation or reciprocation of a SPIRO bearing will eliminate the undesirable characteristic of “Slip-Stick”.

Key Benefits

  • Self aligning
  • Rotary and Linear motion
  • High load-bearing capacity

Standard Range (Inch dimensions shown – Metric also available)

(Please contact CPE to discuss specific load-bearing requirements)

SSAR Bearing.

Part Number I/D O/D Stroke
SSAR150/25 1.500 2.937 0.876
SSAR150/26 1.500 3.875 0.876
SSAR175/27 1.750 3.875 0.876
SSAR212/5 2.125 5.000 1.000
SSAR225/30 2.250 3.875 1.126
SSAR250/31 2.500 4.687 0.876
SSAR262/6 2.625 6.000 0.875
SSAR350/35 3.500 6.000 0.876
SSAR400/40 4.000 7.000 1.250
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