Buttermatic Buttering Machines

Bread Buttering Machines

The Crawford Precision Buttermatic buttering machines are designed with both small and large sandwich manufacturers in mind. The Buttermatic machines are suitable for buttering sliced breads, rolls and buns. A baguette option can also be fitted. These high volume, compact design, butter spreaders provide full control over bread thickness and butter thickness. Rapid dismantling of butter boxes and conveyors for cleaning. Variable speed drives (CP2&4) and safety interlocks.

The Buttermatics can also be fitted with a high volume product box to maximize productivity. All machines are manufactured using stainless steel, alloy and food grade thermoplastics and meet IP65 environmental standards.

All products carry CE approval.

Specifications CP1 CP2
 slice width 130mm 130mm
Max thickness 20mm 38mm
Butter hopper 1 kg 1.75kg
Width 270 mm 710 mm
Length 410 mm 850 mm
Height 350 mm 850±50 mm (work table)
Weight 23 kg 90 kg
Performance 3600 slices per hour >7200 slices per hour
Electrical 220v 50hz 415 50hz 3ph
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